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Bob's Bio

Barbie Bob.jpg

Bob Rumba

(Bob Rummmba)


-A man of many hats, puppets, and personalities.


-One who is gifted in the arts.
-A person possessing multiple talents and abilities, most often referred to directly as "Bob", "Rumba", or the formal full name "Bob Rumba". 

Bob Rumba is a Midwest-based professional ventriloquist, impressionist, and balloon artist. 

Known for being the "class clown" in his high school classrooms, Bob Rumba was destined for the unorthodox lifestyle of being a performer.  Starting in traditional theater settings, and taking his love for performance into night clubs with his variety show that included balloons, juggling and ventriloquism. After working the nightclub circuit for thirty years, Bob started working at casinos performing look alike characters such as  Charlie Chaplin, Groucho Marx, and Barney Fife. This was also when Bob experimented with new ways to create balloon animals.

Today, Bob lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is known for fashioning high end balloon animals for venues of all kinds, as well as performing comedy through ventriloquism and a plethora of impressions. Known for his modern day Vaudeville stage presence, Bob Rumba does shows and events for all ages and venues. 

Barbie Bob Rumba (Little Speedy Sold Separately).

Rumba's Reel

Bob's Balloons

Bob's High-End Balloons


Bob Rumba offers one of a kind balloon animals for all occasions!

Comic Ventriloquist Bob

Walk Around Entertainment

Bob Rumba (right) with his cow...Patty (left).

Need a comic for a specific gathering? Are you throwing a Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, or other holiday party and are in need of entertainment that goes with the flow of your party? Bob Rumba is sure to being the laughs and relevant puppet characters to fit your venue theme!

Ventriloquism Shows

Bob Rumba (right) with Baby Bear the Bellhop (left). 

Looking for a ventriloquist performer to entertain the crowd at your next gathering? Bob Rumba has a variety of shows he provides and fits to best benefit your audience's taste in comedy...not to mention all of his "friends in the suitcases"!


Bob as Paul lynde.jpg
Bob Rumba as Paul Lynde 
Bob Rumba as Ed Sullivan with Topo Gigio
Bob Rumba as Groucho Marx

Bob has an unique ability to embody some of the most classic and timeless celebrities. Such characters include Barney Fife, Chalie Chaplin, Ed Sullivan, Groucho, Laurel and Hardy and more...


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